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VoIP Service for Home

- Customized VoIP Plans for US & UK Calling
- Advanced Call Options

VoIP Service for Small Business

- Customized VoIP Plans for US, Europe & Australia
- VoIP Plans for UK & US Toll Free Number

VoIP Service for Large Enterprises

- Global Unlimited Dialling Plan
- Customized VoIP Plans for US, Europe & Australia

Why Choose Glaines Enterprises?

Making Waves in Retail and Business VoIP

Timely communication is a challenge for all businesses – whether small or large. With our VoIP solutions, this is a challenge we can help to resolve. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, contemporary features and competitive prices,

At Glaines Enterprises we will help businesses find easy solutions to customer communications.

We believe that in order to deliver the best VoIP services to our clients, we have to integrate technology and infrastructure. Over the years we have adapted and internalized the best practices in VoIP and can successfully deliver the best of VoIP solutions through cutting-edge technology and advancement in infrastructure.