SIP Termination

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What is SIP Termination?

SIP termination is a service which allows users to use VoIP technology for making outgoing voice calls to external phone networks all over the world, including public switched telephone network phone numbers, as well as mobile cellular operators.

Tariffs for SIP termination service vary from one SIP termination provider to another and calling rates vary depending on destination country, city, also the mobile operator of the subscriber you are dialing. In the USA there are many SIP providers that offer service plans based on the number of active lines and some providers may offer unlimited number of simultaneously active channels with pay per minute rate.

SIP Termination – Capabilities and Flexibility

SIP termination is becoming popular in the professional world and you can rely on this service to communicate with business associates without the need of bearing additional expenses. It provides such features as video conferencing, voice calls, streaming media, instant messaging, playing online games and many more.

Thanks to the facilities offered by SIP termination, more companies, both small or large, are taking full advantage of the service to expand their reach. Today, airports, hotels, college, banks and other multi-national companies are making the best use out of this technology.

International VoIP Trunk for Dialers

- Three rate decks based on prefix termination
- CallerID can be set by your dialer console
- Online real time console for CDRs

Standard Deck

- g729 or G711 codec accepted
- Virtually unlimited channels available
- 24x7 helpdesk support

Technical Details

- Technical Details
- Authentication: IP address or username+password
- RTP: Direct to endpoint